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Pay Per Click Management

Get your business in front of people quickly and affordably…

Popular search engines on the internet receive millions of search queries a day and more than half of them are product searches. So it’s important for your products to feature on the first page when customers actively search for them. Pay per click advertisements provides you with the means to reach out to your specific target customers and since you pay for only the clicks which you get, pay per click advertisements can also be very economical as well.

We offer customized Pay per Click management services that are aligned with your business objectives and designed to maximize organic traffic to your website. We help you boost your online sales by establishing the roadmap for a successful PPC strategy and running targeted advertising campaigns on various platforms and networks, which will ensure that your products always stay relevant and that you get to enjoy maximum return your investment.

What We Do in PPC

  •  Google Adwords
  •  Maximize relevant leads by featuring on the most popular search engine on earth

  •  Facebook Ads
  •   Approach your customer base directly by using social media to your advantage

  •  Banner Ads
  •   Convert visitors to customers with attractive banner based ads.

  •   Retargeting
  •   Follow and market effectively to leads who haven’t converted.

  •   Direct Media Buys
  •   Ensure optimum reach for your advertisements through strategic placement.

  •   Product Listing
  •   Highlight company products on Google Product listings.

We understand that each business is different and by familiarizing ourselves with your business objectives and assessing the competition landscape, we develop customized PPC campaigns that drive the maximum customer engagement and visibility.

PPC usually translates to Google Adwords, but we on the other hands, continually strive to evaluate all relevant channels which can be useful for a successful PPC campaign

After intensive keyword research, we select the highest performing keywords that are relevant to your services and gets the most out of your advertisements.

We continuously track and monitor PPC performance and conversion rates to optimize the campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

With regular status updates, you’ll be able to track key performance indicators, measure campaign effectiveness and successfully identify the path which leads from click to conversion.

Email Marketing

Broadcast your business cheaply and effectively.

Email marketing enables you to send customized email messages to customers in a bulk fashion and since the running costs of the tools involves is low, it is also one of the most economical methods of online marketing available. On the flipside, an average user received hundreds of email advertisements every day, most of which gets ignored or sent to spam. So it takes an expert to create something captures the user’s attention and inspires them to open it.

Armed with in-depth click through and bounce rate analytics, we at Maestro Infotech develop personalized email marketing campaigns with captivating design themes and compelling call to action messages, that develop a direct relationship with the customer and generates quality leads and accelerates conversions.

Improve marketing effectiveness with comprehensive research to identify target audience and thus amplify click through rate instead of blind email forwarding.

Generate automated emails to customers which are activated by a specific action such incomplete transaction, website sign up etc.

Manage your recipient list based on their status of sales funnel so that they receive email promotions relevant to their interests and needs.

Considering the few minutes that a user skims through an email ad, it’s imperative to fashion compelling messages embedded in captivating designs which inspire the users to take action.

Continuous A/B testing and implementation of best industry practices to increase delivery rate and improve campaign effectiveness.

Tracking of key performance metrics and other factors such as usage, click-through, opens, trends, subscriptions, hard bounce, soft bounce, social engagement etc. to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the working strategies to tweak and optimize them for better results.


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